MALTESITOS, like you, we have a history...

MALTESITOS we are Silvia and Gustavo, married couple from Valencia. Silvia Medical Pediatrician and Gustavo IT and businessman.

As children, each one in his family, we grew up at home with all kinds of animals, little birds, turtles, cats and of course dogs.

ZIRO was Silvia's first dog, he accompanied her throughout her childhood. A very independent Dalmatian.

Gustavo had a black cocker "Ludwig" and at Silvia's house after the Dalmatian, a German shepherd "Kevin" and a giant schnauzer "Eagle" came. 

a life together

After we got married, DINO was the first dog in our family and accompanied the first years of our daughter Silvia. A beautiful and good-natured Golden Retriever. 


We have never been without dogs, and shortly after DINO was missing, we soon brought our first Bichon Maltese into our lives: BLANQUITA

What a birthday present for our daughter!!

After several years, in which Silvia was introduced to forums of this wonderful breed, she learned a lot and met exceptional breeders and people, Gustavo wanted to give her a big surprise: TEDDY

 Silvia can't believe it...

And since there are no 2 without 3, in 2019 we went for LENNON, the joy of the house!


Life gives you and you decide..

And the pandemic arrived, and due to turns of life, Gustavo had to rethink his work life. With our love for animals and especially dogs and Gustavo's experience in e-commerce for many years, together with Silvia, they planned to set up a store for products for puppies, but it had to be something we knew well, and After 9 years having Maltese, it would be better if it were specialized for them.

we wanted it to be a store that would respond to all those needs that we considered ourselves as owners of this breed.

That all the products we sold were suitable for their needs, for their hair, for their size, for their problems... that you didn't have to go looking from store to store, that the service and shipments were fast, that the stock was real , and above all to be able to give advice with knowledge.

We test all the products we bring to the store, we would never sell anything that wasn't good for our own dogs, we listen to our customers but above all we are continuously training and asking manufacturers to offer the most appropriate for Maltesitos from their entire range of products.

We are in continuous improvement of the store and we try offer the best for our clients and their dogs. Better explanations, news, loyalty discounts, promotions, gifts...

Thank you for the great reception, we currently have hundreds of clients and many of them show us their gratitude and we hope to continue growing with your help.

A passion, a project, an illusion.